arlana Wright is a classically trained violinist and pianist. She is currently a student at the University of Southern Mississippi where she studies Music Education. She plays in the symphonic orchestra studies violin under Dr. Stephen Redfield and also participates in chamber ensembles and recitals. As well as being classically trained on her instruments, Marlana also comes from a background of gospel music as she has played in churches and has had several opportunities to perform in jazz ensembles and develop her improvisational skills. She spent most of her years as a musician learning to play music by ear through worship leading at her current local church, Trinity Outreach Ministries. She is also currently involved in a campus ministry where she leads worship on piano and violin. After obtaining her Bachelor's degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, she plans to teach in schools as well as maintain her ministerial positions and hopes to be able to give students the foundation of classical music as well as influencing them in learning to play music by ear. 


BME, The University of Southern Mississiippi, In Progress


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